At SuperNova, our suite of technologies are driven by the idea that we not only must, but we can reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and bequeath a cleaner planet to our children.  We are dedicated to these principles.As a result, our mission is to develop and/or outsource unique, socially and environmentally responsible, technologies that when integrated into target market verticals will deliver a positive effect on our client’s bottom line while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint – thus positively impacting the environment for future generations to enjoy.
Even though the world received a wake up call in the seventies with the “Energy Crises”, America and most of the developing World has continued to grow its appetite for oil and oil products. Even the simplest things in our daily lives are now “powered by Oil – not Wheaties®“. From automatic door openers at our local supermarket to power windows in our automobiles…all the way down to electric towel dispensers and photo sensor faucets; everywhere we turn, we inadvertently consume.

Everything that was once accomplished by manpower is now performed by other forms of energy…all of which have their roots in fossil fuels.

In recent years, some great strides in technology have produced some significant fuel saving devices. For example; high intensity LEDs turn 95% of their energy into light (not heat). Electronic fuel injection has proven to reduce vehicle fuel consumption by as much as 25% while cutting manufacturing cost by 75%. And who can forget the microchip (whose applications have been far reaching).

But still today, everywhere we look; inefficiencies are still prevalent, burning disproportionate amounts of fuel while emitting the inherent toxins that result.

SuperNova’s quest is to single out everyday processes and technologies that are inefficiently consuming fuel and through their array of acquired domain knowledge, deliver programs that share in the financial benefits of fuel reduction by optimizing these processes; reducing fuel consumption while reducing emissions in the process.

Best of all, the resultant reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions are then assessed and transformed, through the Clean Air For Kids campaign, into donatable funds for Childrens’ Hospitals in the communities we service around the world.

Each program is inherently designed to be win-win-win as the environment and children benefit with NO incremental cost to the operator.

Therefore, Going Green need not cost more.  In fact, just by Doing what’s Right can prove to be very profitable [and helpful, at the same time].