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The TreeFrog family of Transport Optimization technologies consists of five TreeFrog Systems, each having a specic purpose, developed to benet the vocational vehicle for which it was designed. Your power unit or trailer can be consistently monitored in real time through TREEFROGtrackit™, a communications portal, that will continue to keep the operator informed about the proper operation of their vehicles.


Treefrog Reefer Optimization systems™ are the perfect tool to manage your company’s refrigerated trailers. Treefrog Reefer™ and TREEFROGtrackit™ use GPS data and cellular coverage under the GSM/GPRS network, monitoring and reporting (up to three temperature zones). Protect your valuable cargo from temperature changes and potential problems on the road.


In addition, any reductions in Greenhouse Gas production will also be monitored and processed for use by the Clean Air for Kids™ campaign – a not for prot registered charitable organization dedicated to helping children’s hospitals through the monitization of unused Greenhouse Gas credits.


The TreeFrog family of Optimization Systems includes;

energy generation optimization