Solar Energy


SuperNova Performance Technologies Ltd. is a privately held Canadian corporation, founded by a team of senior inventor-entrepreneurs, working in complimentary but different fields. Throughout their careers, these talented individuals have collectively developed and commercialized dozens of products, and in the process, have solved real world problems, across multiple market verticals. Their experience embraces mechanical engineering, combustion engineering, electrical engineering, communications engineering and microchemistry. In addition to this technical firepower, they also demonstrate an optimal level of maturity in the fields of business development, finance, administration and legal.

With common goals and a belief that it need not cost the consumer more to receive higher quality, this team has re-directed their energies to help solve another real world problem: our children’s future and the planet we leave behind.

Therefore, the SuperNova Mission is to continue to develop and/or outsource unique, socially and environmentally responsible, cutting-edge, technologies that when integrated into target market verticals will demonstrate a positive effect on the client’s bottom line. Simultaneously, this will reduce the carbon footprint and leave a positive impact on the environment for future generations.

The term “Going Green” often intimates for the ordinary individual that saving the environment is just another tax we cannot afford. Government agencies have done little to disprove that perception. We believe and can prove, that Going Green (or Doing What’s Right) need not cost the consumer more. In fact, concerns about the Environment [Going Green] can be thoroughly addressed by improving performance efficiencies.

And thus our mission;

Addressing Environmental Concerns through Performance Optimization