Watching Over You and the Environment

The TreeFrog systems™ actually represent a whole family of transport related technologies, each with the common tag line of Watching Over You and the Environment™. While each TreeFrog system may have a specific purpose, developed to benefit the vocational vehicle for which it was designed, one thing is for certain, a communications pipeline, provided by SuperNova’s proprietary OpenSensor/Open Comm™ technology, will continue to keep the operator informed about the proper operation of its vehicle while reporting any potential reductions in Greenhouse Gas production for monitization by the Clean Air for Kids™ foundation. The TreeFrog family includes;

Fleet transport operators have a vested interest in making sure their vehicles run as clean and green as possible – in the shop at least. Until now, they had no real control over their vehicles once they left the yard. Supernova’s TreeFrog Driver Optimization system watches over the trucker. Click Here to learn More

With so many pieces of heavy equipment now equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters, the use of Diesel Fuel additives is becoming commonplace amongst fleet operators. Unfortunately, while additives can certainly help, they provide no benefit if not added consistently. The TreeFrog Fuel Optimization™ system, with Fill & Forget Technology™ is the solution. Click Here to Learn More

Owner-Operators and small fleet owners don’t typically require all the sophistication of what the TreeFrog Driver Optimization system inherently provides. Powered through dedicated SmartPhone channels or through its own carrier, the TreeFrog Lite™ can deliver many benefits to the small operator, while watching over them at the same time. Click Here to Learn More

Not only are trucks used to deliver the goods we consume each day, specialized vehicles are also required to remove our waste for recycling and processing. In order to optimize performance for this vocation, information is required, as it is in fleet transport – it’s just different information that’s required. SuperNova’s TreeFrog Load Optimization™ system has been designed specifically for the vocation of Waste Processing. Click Here to Learn More