Lighter than air, greener than green™

powerlizard_globeThe name Hydrogen PowerLizard™, which utilizes SuperNova’s proprietary Tri-PATH2 and auto-audit technologies, is based on the fact that many cultures view the lizard as a symbol for regeneration and good fortune. We created this system to deliver both. In remote areas, it is rare to find large power lines delivering electricity. Instead, diesel generators are the norm. This solution is not only costly and inefficient; it contributes to environmental degradation, especially in more vulnerable ecosystems. The system has the unique ability to cut power operating costs in such locations as tourist destinations, gravel pits, off-shore drilling sites, mines, shore power, air or barge only delivery destinations, any area where diesel generation is the only option. Better yet, the Hydrogen PowerLizard™ is supplied free of charge, with no increased costs to site operations. The good fortune is savings. Once the hydrogen climbs in, the lizard takes over. Download: Product Sheet

power-lizard-video-thbView a VIDEO about the Hydrogen PowerLizard and its proprietary Tri-PATH2. See how this unique product works hand in hand with diesel generators, resulting in fuel savings and more efficient diesel generators.
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