Green House Gas Reduction

By combining various aspects of our Green Tech Plus™ suite of technologies, synergistic benefits can be realized; meeting the requirements of specific market verticals.  The following are a few key products;


treefrog logo transport

Watching Over You and the Environment™

Fleet transport operators have a vested interest in making sure their vehicles run as clean and green as possible—in the shop at least.  Until now, they had no real control over their vehicles once they left the yard.  Supernova’s TreeFrog systems watch over the trucker and the environment, no matter where that piece of equipment might be.  It takes the saying “the only good truck is a working truck” to another, more refined level.  The system monitors in real time to give you improved performance efficiencies, fuel savings and vital data support to keep the equipment running at its peak and to provide greenhouse gas reduction data for the Clean Air for Kids™ campaign. Even in the off chance, the equipment breaks down, TreeFrog is still watching over the equipment with its No-Hoops Warranty™.







Powerlizard logo

Lighter Than Air, Greener Than Green™

The name Hydrogen PowerLizard is based on the fact that many cultures view the lizard as a symbol for regeneration and good fortune.  We created this system to deliver both. In remote areas, it is rare to find large power lines delivering electricity.  Instead, diesel generators are the norm.  This solution is not only costly and inefficient; it contributes to environmental degradation, especially in more vulnerable ecosystems. The system has the unique ability to cut power operating costs in such locations as tourist destinations, gravel pits, off-shore drilling sites, mines, shore power, air or barge only delivery destinations, any area where diesel generation is the only option.  Better yet, the Hydrogen PowerLizard™ is supplied free of charge, with no increased costs to site operations.  The good fortune is savings.

Once the hydrogen climbs in, the lizard takes over.




Cleaner…Above Ground or Underground™

This Supernova proprietary system combines Split Gas Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion with domain knowledge to deliver a cleaner environment – everywhere.



Putting the Muscle Back in Muscle CarsTM

Remember when “Muscle Car” meant just that?  E-Thumper™ pumps it up and pumps the horsepower back in—using less fuel and bringing back the exhaust note these cars deserve.