Transportation optimization

Transportation optimization

The category of Transportation is vast; covering everything from bicycles to big rigs and roller blades to rail.

By applying various components from SuperNova’s Green Tech Plus™ suite of technologies, many transportation sub-sectors can enjoy reduced emissions combined with additional benefits such as; reduced fuel consumption and improved performance.

Categories to benefit from the Green Tech Plus™ suite of technologies include:

Commercial Transport & Trucking – Virtually EVERYTHING we enjoy in our daily lives somehow benefited from trucks! The field of trucking is vast and thus very diverse with unique requirements and unique methodologies for improving performance to reduce operating costs while reducing emissions. Even a Mile Per Gallon goes A Long Way in helping; the bottom line and the Kids who need it most – through the Clean Air For Kids campaign

Automotive – Performance optimization can occur in many forms…everything from reducing loses due to friction to improvements in combustion.
At present, not only has SuperNova applied its Green Tech Plus™ suite of technologies to improve various forms of efficiencies, we’ve also been successful in developing technologies that bring the Muscle back into Muscle Cars.

Public Transit – In and of itself, moving large numbers of people in a single vehicle is a step in the right direction, when it comes to emissions reductions and fuel efficiency…that is of course, if the vehicles that are providing this important work are properly tuned and properly maintained to deliver the most work for the least output of emissions.

Through proper application of the Green Tech Plus™ suite of technologies, even the poorest nations can be equipped to provide clean transit at no incremental cost to the fleet; both for urban fleets and highway fleets.

Recreational Vehicles – The field of Recreational Vehicles is wide spread; encompassing everything from motorcycles and snowmobiles all the way up to motor homes.  While their engines may be smaller than those in a big rig, its still our collective responsibility to keep them clean.