The field of mining is vast and can include such sub-categories as; surface mining; underground mining; tunneling; construction; oil and gas exploration; and many other off-highway applications – all with varied needs and requirements and all burning significant amounts of fuel while emitting proportionate amounts of harmful emissions.

Owing to increasing environmental pressures to reduce engine-out emissions the market place is in a very positive mood to adopt any new technology that will reduce emissions at a reasonable cost, as long as it either maintains normal fuel consumption or preferably reduces it. Many companies are now seriously looking to acquire a green image to enhance their profile to the public and thereby gaining a marketing edge. In particular, mining companies want reduced underground vehicle emissions from a critical health and safety standpoint. The motives and needs may vary, but the pressing need is there to clean up diesel engines in a cost effective way.

In response, SuperNova has applied components from its suite of Green Tech Plus™ technologies to produce the Soot cH2ECk for use in underground mining applications and the Hydrogen PowerLizard for use in diesel-electric power generation applications.