In remote populations throughout the World, it is often cost prohibitive for utilities and governments to run large power lines to meet the power needs of these remote communities. As a result, diesel-electric power has become the electricity of choice; and the vast majority of electrical power generation is powered by diesel generators, that are nothing more than big diesel engines (similar to those that one might find in a truck – but much larger…12 – 16 cylinder), hard-coupled to an electric generator, which feeds wires to the various building within the community; to meet their electrical needs.

In an effort to cut operating costs while reducing the production of harmful emissions, SuperNova has developed its Hydrogen PowerLizard™; utilizing its patent-pending Tri-PATH2 technology. The system will significantly cut operating costs while reducing emissions and automatically converting the resulting reductions in greenhouse gas production into savings to fund Sick Children’s Hospitals, through the Clean Air for Kids™ campaign.

Best of all, the system will be supplied free of charge, with no increase in cost to the site operations; only savings!

Applications include;
· Remote Communities
· Gravel Pits
· Shore Power
· Mine Site Power
· Off-Shore Drilling

To give some idea of consumption; a remote community, (such as an island resort) with a 300-400 room capacity, would typically house 3 generators (two running and one as standby – standby available in times of emergency and routinely cycled in for preventive maintenance purposes). Each of these generators would be capable of delivering 1.5 – 2 megawatts (MW) of continuous power with the anticipation that full load requirements should not typically exceed 2 – 2.5 MW.

Considering that a prime power generator typically burns between $3M – $4M per year of diesel fuel for every mega watt of electricity the generator delivers, it is not difficult to see the huge savings potential that exists.

Obviously, such applications are ideally suited for other facets of the Green Tech Plus™ suite of technologies and for companies, resorts and remote communities to engage in a SuperNova’s shared savings program.