Throughout the World, fossil fueled power plants and diesel fueled engines have become the work-horses of choice to produce the electricity and work we’ve become so accustomed to enjoying.  However, the important work these forms of energy provide humankind comes with a price…that being, harmful emissions. With our environment being such a growing World Wide concern, anything that can be done to make the combustion process cleaner and more efficient is an important next step; not just by capturing the waste that is presently produced, but by burning less fuel to produce the same work making less waste in the process.

SuperNova Performance Technology™ Ltd. has used its breadth of experience and market awareness to assemble a suite of complimentary Green Tech Plus™ technologies that can be applied in the various market verticals to reduce costs through improved efficiencies while reducing emissions and capturing emission credits in the process.

On thing is for sure…while every market vertical may be somewhat different, there is no doubt that inefficiencies exist and thus there exists a definite potential of significant fuel savings.

Examples of Market Verticals where significant savings are known to exist include:


Which includes; Commercial Transport, Automotive, Public Transit, Rail, Marine, Military Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles to name a few.


Which includes; Under Ground Mining, Surface Mining, Tunneling, Construction Equipment and Oil & Gas Exploration (both off-shore and on-shore) and other Off-highway Applications to name a few.

Waste Management

Which includes; Route Optimization Control; Load Optimization Systems, Automated Maintenance Control, Load Batching and Engine Optimization to name a few.

Diesel-Electric Power Generation

Which includes; Remote Communities, Gravel Pits, Shore Power, Mining Power, and Off-Shore Drilling Power to name a few.

Commercial Building Optimization

Which includes; HVAC Systems, Building Management & Automation Control, and Chiller Regulation to name a few.