Free Lunch from Fuel Savings?


It is no secret that rising fuel prices put owner/operators, as well as independent truckers out of business. In 2008 alone, close to 800 trucking companies in the United States went of business in the third quarter. There are literally dozens of fuel saving options on the market, but weeding through them all to find [...] Read more »

Insatiable Appetite for Fossil Fuels…


Even though there is overwhelming evidence of a link between tobacco and lung cancer, nobody knows for certain that smoking causes cancer. At the same time, no one knows for sure if our insatiable appetite for fossil fuel and the increase in CO2 levels is the real cause of climate change. During the Climate One [...] Read more »

The “11th Hour Story”…


Hollywood tactics are often used to shock the public into hearing about the potential wrath of Global Warming. Leonardo Decaprio’s 11th Hour story is one example. The bottom line is that we simply must change our point of view. Today we unnecessarily use fossil fuel to accomplish the most menial daily tasks. We need to [...] Read more »